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Welcome to Parker Pain Relief Clinic! 

Helping You Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Welcome to Parker Pain Relief Clinic! We offer a range of healing modalities that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We invite you to explore who we are and what we do, and to learn more about how we can help you recover from an injury or an accident, reduce levels of chronic pain, and live a pain free life. 

Pain Relief Services Offered

We aim to help you heal using gentle methods that work, and without telling you to use prescription medication to simply mask pain. Some of the pain relief services we offer at our Parker clinic include: 

  • Chiropractic Care.  Soothing spinal correction services from our Parker chiropractor Dr. Anthony Paolucci will help to relieve neck pain, back pain, headaches, and much more. 

  • Lifestyle Advice. We often find that lifestyle advice in combination with our other healing methods helps you to meet your overall health and wellness goals. 

  • Physical Therapy.  For injury or accident recovery, physical therapy in combination with chiropractic adjustments can help you recover the usage of affected muscles and regain your strength again. 

  • Laser Therapy. We offer unique Class IV Laser Therapy that can stop pain in its tracks.

Class IV Therapy Laser at Parker Pain Relief Clinic

Our Parker Colorado Chiropractor Dr. Paolucci offers Class IV Therapy Laser for fast and effective pain relief for a range of health conditions. A small laser beam has been found to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve nervous system response, and activate the body's natural healing process for faster, more effective repair of soft tissue injuries. 

In this treatment, we will direct a small laser beam at the impacted area. The particles of laser light penetrate the skin to go deep inside cell tissue where the pain occurs. Treatment sessions are short, sometimes only 15 minutes. Yet, this short session delivers the results you want - fast pain relief. 

With repeated sessions, you can break through your pain and suffering to recovery. Many of our patients have been able to heal with Laser Therapy, and thus avoid invasive surgery or prescription medication. 

We recommend Laser Therapy for a range of health conditions, including sciatica, neck pain, migraines, carpal tunnel, tennis or golf elbow, bell's palsy, back pain, slipped disc, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, hamstring tears, arthritis, knee pain, muscle sprains or strains, and sports injury recovery. 

Are you suffering from acute or chronic pain? Make today the day that you resolve to do something about your pain. Contact our reception staff at Parker Pain Relief Clinic by calling 720-851-0600 to schedule a new patient consultation and learn how we can help you heal. 

It's Your Life... Live it in Health!

Dr. Anthony Paolucci
Parker Chiropractor | Parker Pain Relief Clinic |  720-851-0600